Small Talk Big Action with Li Morales

What's the cost?

February 15, 2023 Li Morales Season 2 Episode 3
Small Talk Big Action with Li Morales
What's the cost?
Show Notes

In this episode I discuss the importance of planning a budget, planning for expenses, and reaching your financil goals. What People don't tell you often, the dream cost you money, time and YOU MUST SPEND that!  you cannot be frugal.  It is important to build a budget for your business and or creative project expenses and you have to be precise about the management of your money, time and energy bc if you are low on either of those three the mission will be delayed in completion. Prepare, write, and believe that you can accomplish the goals that you set out for your self to complete. It is important to understand that the venture that you set out to do is not going to be an easy process, you must plan and do so diligently. For a long time I was selfish with my money , i became kind of cheap looking for the cheapest option etc. , for my business i had to create a safe space and so the cheap option was always the worst option in all aspects of my business matters, it took time, money and patience. I had to relearn how important it was for me to write it all down.

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