Selfcare with Li


March 01, 2023 Li Morales Season 2 Episode 3
Selfcare with Li
Show Notes

In this episode I speak on the importance of Exposure, exposure is important for your brand and business, I had to quickly learn how connecting all the aspects of my business, to be in alignment prior to paying for marketing, advertisement and joining business associations to gather more exposure. I had to also work on my personal pages and personal issues prior to investing in exposure. All exposure is not always positive and that was a learning curve for me especially when meeting new people, gaining a following and being the face of my brand. Building the Li Morales that you see today was not an easy process I had to start at the foundation and build the brand with nothing but a vision and a dream to make it happen. In order to do so I went to a lot of conferences that fit the brand that I was trying to build, 2022 was the year of learning what works best for my brand and what does not. This year is the year of execution and now all my plans are in alignment with my brand but it was strategy and method and a lot of trial and errors.

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