Selfcare with Li

Introducing Selfcare with Li the Podcast!

September 13, 2023 Li Morales Season 2 Episode 39
Selfcare with Li
Introducing Selfcare with Li the Podcast!
Show Notes

Hello my Lovelis! 

Introducing Selfcare with Li the podcasts! The podcast has the same approach as Small Talk Big Action! It was time for a new beginning, a new brand, and a new approach to selfcare with Li! This podcast will be your motivation, encouragement, and time to meditate to take care of yourself and reach your highest potential.

In this episode I speak on the process of approaching negative emotions and or feelings with a new confidence, knowing that you will succeed and breakfree from the negative situation and or circumstance. It is up to you! How ever you would like to approach it, it is completely up to you, but why not breakfree and exhibit confidence and give yourself grace during the work of shadow work.

It is time to live your best life, it is time to truly reach your highest potential! This has been a year of transformation and growth. I believe that it is important to put yourself first. I believe that it is important for you to not sabatoge yourself and get out of your own way!

I want to cheer you on! I want to motivate you! I BELIEVE IN YOU! Here's to Selfcare with LI!

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